We build ecosystems with local communities and we open up new opportunities with governments, startups, business owners and you. G45 Space is a home for us to build true success.


We provide optimal housing and workplaces during your stay in Yogyakarta. No more worries for a place to stay, food and transportation, we are ready with the best package for you including finding out about various communities, startups, among our members and partners.
We provide high-speed internet access in our coworking space and various adventure during the weekend : Merapi Lava Tour, explore Borobudur, Prambanan Temple or Keraton (The Palace). Let this experience set yourself free for a moment.

Immersion Program

For those of you who want to dive deeper into the world of startups, discuss with the community and also meet with local SMEs in Yogyakarta, this program is for you.
You can gain knowledge, expand the network, and have unforgettable extraordinary experiences in Yogyakarta while enjoying the experience of the Merapi Lava Tour, Malioboro Shopping Tour, and Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan Temple.
Join this program, experience the culture and get unique value from this heritage city.




LCD Projector

Sound System


Praying Room

Event Spaces / Meeting Rooms

We have various types and sizes of rooms for your events and gatherings, ranging from a capacity of 8 to 100 people. Our rooms are suitable for informal or formal meetings, seminars, workshops and exhibitions can also be held at G45 Space. We have rooms with wooden floors, synthetic grass and you can also use the open space next to the fish pond. Whatever form and type of meeting you have, we are ready to be your host. Come and we will help arrange a place for your meeting.


Ricky Rodesta, sumpah ini tempat sip banget buat ngerjain tugas kuliah, suasananya nyaman banget. suara gemercik airnya itu loh bisa bikin tenang.

Akhmad Susanto, Bener2 tempat co-working yg mantul, kawula muda harus kesini dan jangan lupa berkolaborasi

Osama, Hembusan angin sepoi sepoi dan suasana yang sejuk membuat otak lebih rilex dalam mengerjakan tugas tugas

Pratama Nur, salah satu coworking space yang ada di yogyakarta, open space tanpa ac, untuk member terdapat ruangan ber ac, fasilitas kamar mandi bersih dan ada mushola kecil juga